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Monday, May 17, 2004

In some ways, politics hasn't changed much in 400 years. Samuel Pepys, May 16, 1661 (by the Julian calendar; England had not yet succumbed to the Papist Gregorian calendar, in which the date was May 26):

...about 2 o’clock went in my velvet coat by water to the Savoy, and there, having staid a good while, I was called into the Lords, and there, quite contrary to my expectations, they did treat me very civilly, telling me that what they had done was out of zeal to the King’s service, and that they would joyne with the governors of the chest with all their hearts, since they knew that there was any, which they did not before.

One change: "zeal to the King's service" is no longer the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Note: I don't yet know what the Lords (of the Admiralty?) had been doing that they'd realized they could no longer get away with.

From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php:
Public Release: 17-May-2004
Scents will not rouse us from slumber, says new Brown University study
Smells do not wake people, according to Brown University researchers who studied responses to the scents peppermint and pyridine – a common byproduct of fire. The findings indicate a significant alteration of perceptual processing as a function of sleep.
Grass Foundation Trustee Grant
From Google News:
US Army Says It Finds Shell with Sarin Agent in Iraq
Reuters - 25 minutes ago
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A small amount of the nerve agent sarin was found in a shell that exploded in Iraq, the US army said Monday in the first announcement of discovery of any of the weapons on which Washington made its case for war.
Roadside bomb containing sarin nerve agent explodes in Iraq WATE
Sarin nerve gas round explodes News24
580 CFRA Radio - Telegraph.co.uk - CTV - RTE Interactive - and 75 related

States Must Face Some Disability Suits, Court Says (Update2)
Bloomberg - 35 minutes ago
May 17 (Bloomberg) -- States can be forced to pay financial damages for failing to make courthouses accessible to the disabled, the US Supreme Court ruled.
High Court Upholds Rules in Disabilities Act Washington Post
High court rules in favor of disabled man USA Today
Washington Times - WATE - Reuters AlertNet - Guardian - and 66 related
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