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Monday, May 10, 2004

Monday May 10, 2004. It seems that recent Google improvements have made it easier to find and read mailing list archives. Including archives of Declutter, for which I'm list owner.

Decluttr's archives are now private rather than public. Unfortunately, I didn't make this change till after several former and current list members emailed me about the problem.

***Blogger has been changed, and the changes really are improvements. So I'll keep maintaining this web journal on both LiveJournal and Blogger.

Food: Cooked beans in a crockpot, with an onion and about a carrot and a half.

To Rainbow Foods, whose specials this week included 8 pounds of potatoes for 89¢. They also had turkey giblets (labeled "necks and backs") for 68¢ a pound. I love turkey liver, and it's not usually available.
Something I posted on rec.arts.sf.composition, in an attempt at explaining a point about writing techniques.

This beginning establishes the character:

John wakes up, makes himself breakfast, drives to work.

Toward the end of the workday, he gets news which starts him on the road to realizing his society isn't utopian.

This beginning establishes the character AND promises the reader that a story is coming:

Yesterday's wife snored. John hadn't gotten nearly enough sleep before the alarm bit him in the leg. He thought, briefly, of filing a complaint; decided it wasn't quite worth the risk of spending two or three days in jail for libeling the Department of Marriage.

He went to make breakfast, and found there were no eggs. Instead there was sardine-flavored tofu. The breakfast newsletter explained that the egg shortage was due to lesbianism and sedition among the chickens.

Driving to work was harder than it should have been; there were more bodies than usual in the street.

[The person this was meant for didn't see any difference.]

Writing progress: "Well Met, Well Met, My Old True Love" -- I've decided to regard what I have as an outline, rather than the first draft I thought it was. I'm still adding and subtracting too much for it to be a genuine first draft.

I've set a deadline for getting at least the first draft done.

_Killing Futures_ -- Very basic outline underway.
Bravo, your idea it is brilliant
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