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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Old news from Google News
US health care not always best in world, study says
USA Today - 3 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) A new study challenges a widely held view in the United States that Americans have the best medical care in the world.
Weighing the Worth of Whooping Cough Vaccine Forbes
IT's Role In Health Care Information Week
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) - San Diego Union Tribune - International Herald Tribune - Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - and 57 related

Go to an almanac (paper or online), and look up life expectancy by country. The US isn't at the top in North America (let alone in the world) and haven't been for a while.
Via the Volokh Conspiracy http://volokh.com"Volukh Conspiracy http://news.independent.co.uk/world/science_technology/story.jsp?story=516336
Sex, the final frontier: Nasa acts to ensure that astronauts don't follow their urges
By Charles Arthur, Technology Editor
29 April 2004

Dr Rachel Armstrong, speaking yesterday at a British Interplanetary Society symposium on the Human Future and Space, said the US space agency Nasa was considering how to deal with the natural urges of astronauts travelling on long journeys such as a three-year trip to Mars, where the six-strong crew would be likely to include two women.

"Nasa is talking about the chemical sterilisation of astronauts on longer journeys," Dr Armstrong said, in a talk discussing the problems humanity may face in trying to reach the planets and, eventually, the stars.

Nasa was nonplussed by the suggestion yesterday. "I haven't heard anything about that," said a spokesman at Nasa's Johnson Space Centre, where the long-range trips announced by President George Bush in January are being planned.

Unusually for a space issue, it is one where physical problems would not arise, as the presence or absence of gravity doesn't affect body mechanics.

[How accurate is that last sentence?]

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