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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Saturday May 29, 2004. To Mercado Central, for corn tortillas. The ones sold there are fresher and lower in sodium than those available in supermarkets.

On to Savers thrift store. (Savers is an international chain, not tied to any one charity.)
I needed a teakettle, to replace one whose handle had broken.

Backtracked along Lake Street to Uncle Hugo's. Bought the Hartwell-Cramer best-sf-2003 anthology, and a couple of other books.

There are three year's-best-sf series. I've found David Hartwell's (now in collaboration with Kathryn Cramer) most to my taste.

To Steeple People thrift store. Among their free magazines was an old Scientific American with an article on platypuses; and another with an article on absinthe.

Across Lyndale to the Wedge co-op. I'd come for peanut butter made out of peanuts -- no added salt or added anything. I also bought a vegan pistachio-fig scone, and a couple of cheese samples.

The scone was good, but fell apart much too easily. I think that's a problem with vegan pastries in general.
Writing: Daily exercise -- done. I may expand it into an essay.

"Well Met, Well Met, My Old True Love" -- did some idea-noodling on the background. Some is directly relevant to this story: the home society changing more than the colonial one.
(And I should probably read up again on the "fragmentation societies" theory: http://www.multiculturalisme.org/BiblioTableOfContentsLouisHartz1.htm )
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