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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Sunday May 9, 2004. Philosophy Warning "[Carl] Elliot began hearing other people say that various things -- often, oddly enough, artificial things such as drugs and surgery -- helped them feel like themselves. Bodybuilders felt like themselves on steroids. Adults diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder felt like themselves on Ritalin. Transsexuals felt like themselves after having their genitals surgically altered...." Minnesota Monthly, November 2003, p. 40.

Which ties in with Isaiah Berlin's The Crooked Timber of Humanity
http://www.livejournal.com/users/dsgood/101665.html and Eric Hobsbawm's Nations and Nationalism Since 1780, which I also recently reread. The common thread: Around 1800 (plus and/or minus 20 years), the idea that people should look within themselves for their identities, values, and goals began spreading.

As did the related idea that one should look for these within the group one truly belongs to -- one's class, nation, ethnic group, or whatever.

***Dropping down to the personal level: I need to rearrange my life. And this involves making decisions about my values and my identity.
Some days, the news is stranger than others:

War on terror alters views on torture
Sun Herald - 6 hours ago -
The head of Time Warner Inc. said Monday that congressional calls for possible price controls on cable television are "not consumer-driven" and the idea of allowing customers to buy ...

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