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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Thursday May 20, 2004. I walked to Uptown. (In Minneapolis, that's a neighborhood but not a direction.) Rainbow Foods had a two-for-one sale on large eggs by the dozen; I expect to eat a lot of eggs for a few days.

***On my way home, I stopped in at DreamHaven Books. Spent some of my credit on used books;
Algis Budrys's Rogue Moon and A. E. Van Vogt's Empire of the Atom and The Wizard of Linn.

The Van Vogt book are hokier than his usual -- sword and starship novels based on Roman history. But they're fun to read; and I want to see what Van Vogt did to make them work.

The Budrys book is -- well, the man who likes dying again and again may be one of the saner characters.

There was a book signing in progress: "Adam Connell and E.E. Knight will be reading and autographing. Adam Connell is the author of the forthcoming Counterfeit Kings, a science fiction novel. E.E. Knight is the author of the Vampire Earth science fiction series, including Way of the Wolf and Choice of the Cat." Not well-attended, but neither of them seemed to mind.
Writing: From a post I made Wednesday night in rec.arts.composition:

"Today I started working out a story for which several scenes popped right into my head. I'm not setting them down till I've figured out the things which will determine whether or not they fit the real shape of the story.

"Crap -- it just occurred to me that a better way to use the basic idea would be to bring John Lilburne from his time to ours. Which is something I'm going to save till I'm prepared to do a good deal of historical research."

John Lilburne was a radical who lived in the time of the English Civil War. He quarrelled with every government of that period, and with most political and religious groups. (He didn't get along well with his wife, either.) "If there were but one man in the world, and that man was John Lilburne; John would quarrel with Lilburne and Lilburne would quarrel with John."

One of the more radical ideas attributed to him was that of vastly extending the franchise -- giving every Englishman above the rank of servant the right to vote. (I'm told that "servant" would include anyone who received a regular salary.)

***"Well Met, Well Met, My Old True Love" -- Solved one large problem, I think. And I've set a deadline for finishing the story.

"They Do Things Differently There" -- Nothing done today.

Killing Futures -- Nothing done today.
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php:
Public Release: 20-May-2004
Acoustical Society of America
Without words, bullfrogs communicate through stutters in their croaks
Short gaps in the croaks of a bullfrog's normal call likely convey messages, according to a new Brown study. Researchers recorded 2,536 calls of bullfrogs in natural choruses and found the stutter has a communication function and does not simply represent fatigue.
National Institutes of Health, Brown University

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