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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Tuesday May 18, 2004. Waking thought: Say there are a lot of people who are certain that the future will bring Heaven on Earth (or Heaven in Heaven). And the technology for suspended animation is reliable enough and cheap enough that at least the highest-income 20
percent of them could hibernate till their predicted dates for abolition of government, perfect government, the Rapture, or whatever they look forward to.

And the future will have to cope with a lot of disappointed idealogues.

***To the Minneapolis Social Security office, where I applied for a replacement for my long-lost card.

I had to go through a metal detector, and have my bag and side-pouches searched by the Homeland Security guards. I don't consider Social Security a prime target, but apparently someone does.

The actual process was easy. I got a letter which said my card would be mailed to me, and should reach me in about two weeks.

Which is a relief, because the photo ID I brought was a passport that may have been older than the clerk who processed my application.

To Mercado Central, to buy corn tortillas. They're cheaper and fresher than the ones supermarkets sell; and lower in sodium and fat.

***My former landlord, Basim Sabri, has lost in the US Supreme Court. Which means his Federal bribery trial can go forward.
Writing: Daily exercise done, posted to rec.arts.sf.composition.

"Well Met, Well Met, My Old True Love" -- d_mn story morphed on me again.

Killing Futures -- a fairly important change to the background, which will probably affect the story considerably.
An Olympic score to settle: Who revived the modern games?
Revisionist historians are keen to explode the myth that the Olympic
revival was the brainchild of only one man. By Daniel Howden

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