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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Tuesday May 4, 2004 Taking off from a discussion on Carol Kennedy's (cakmpls) LiveJournal:

"I think that what we may have here is two ways of looking at the world: as a generally dangerous place with pockets of safety or as a generally safe place with pockets of danger. This may be an aspect of individual personality, or it may be learned behavior, or it may even have a genetic component."

For some of us, our "natural" way of looking at the world may feel as wrong as the body's "natural" gender does to a transsexual.

I grew up seeing the world as mostly dangerous. My brain was wired in ways that encouraged this, and it was a family tradition. It was the way I felt -- but it felt wrong.

Now I see the world as mostly safe. Partly because my brain chemistry changed; I've been taking medication for Attention Deficit Disorder. Partly because my thinking habits and emotional habits changed. But other people make similar changes, and don't shift from one to the other.

I don't think it's made me either more or less realistic. Being out from under the pressure of having the "wrong" orientation has made me able to judge more accurately, which is not the same thing. (It's common for both kinds of people to not only misjudge, but make the "wrong" kind of misjudgement. Stalin distrusted almost everyone -- but he trusted Hitler.)

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