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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Wednesday May 26, 2004. As an experiment, I started a wiki at http://www.seedwiki.com. Search for "Writing Futures". Since it's a wiki, you should be able to add to it if you wish.

Mail: Uncle Hugo's sf bookstore and Uncle Edgar's mystery bookstore newsletter, June-August. Vampire mammoths -- interesting, but unfortunately that's not what The Mammoth Book of Vampires is about.
Writing: Story seed -- There's been a century of experiments to design better humans -- ones who will live naturally in whatever way their designers believe truly rational humans would live.

The evidence that this does not work includes such subtle hints as the natural pacifists who shot their way out of one experimental facility.

daily exercise -- The above story seed.

"Well Met, Well Met, My Old True Love" -- Another scene fleshed out.
Public Release: 26-May-2004
New theory suggests people are attracted to religion for 16 reasons
People are not drawn to religion just because of a fear of death or any other single reason, according to a new comprehensive, psychological theory of religion. There are actually 16 basic human psychological needs that motivate people to seek meaning through religion, said Steven Reiss, author of the new theory and professor of psychology and psychiatry at Ohio State University.
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