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Friday, June 18, 2004

Friday June 18, 2004. It began with vampires. Someone in rec.arts.sf.composition was writing a vampire story. Norse vampires were brought up; it seems they had the habit of drumming on roofs, which brought up a comparison with squirrels. I then mentioned vampire squirrels. (Vampire cows came later.)

*Another branch of the discussion: what would you do if you realized there was a vampire in your city? One poster said: Tell the police there's a serial killer who thinks he's a vampire. After a few cops got killed, they would find a way to take care of the vampire.

One response was an objection to sending police to certain death. I suggested having an immortal police force whose members didn't believe in magic.

*A third branch of the discussion led to me googling this:

McDonald's reacts with disbelief over claims that hamburgers are not Catholic

Is there a moral dimension to selling hamburgers? Apparently there is in Italy.

The theologian Massimo Salani has condemned burgers in the Italian bishops' daily Avvenire, saying they were "not Catholic".

Eating burgers and fries reflected an "individualistic relationship between man and God which goes back to Martin Luther", the Protestant leader who started the German Reformation, Mister Salani argued.

(The story did not explain the theological reasoning involved.)

***The St. Paul Pioneer Press had an immigration story which said that Minnesota gets immigrants from every continent except Antarctica. Which led me to wonder which parts of the US do get Antarctic immigrants.

***To HealthPartners Uptown, to pick up allergy pills.

Then to Steeple People thrift store, where some volunteer had seriously underpriced nice-looking (and functional) pots and pans. I decided to buy some of them, and throw out some of my older ones.

Across the street to the Wedge co-op. They had frozen chicken backs at 69ยข a pound.
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