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Sunday, June 27, 2004

From the UK edition of Google News:
Poor most generous charity-givers
BBC News - 4 hours ago
People living in poorer areas give more to charity than those from affluent households, according to a new study.
Motherwell tops charitable towns study scottish tv
Official: richest towns are also the meanest Independent
ic SouthLondon.co.uk - Sunday Herald - and 33 related

BBC opens up 70 years of archive footage to the digital age
Sunday Herald - 16 hours ago
Film producers, advertisers, creative directors and picture researchers engaged in the perennial search for archive footage, have been given a new source of material with the launch of BBC's internet archive, the Motion Gallery.
BBC raids archive to sell video footage PC Pro
Historical BBC archives go online BBC News
DMeurope.com - Computer Graphics World - Mac Animation Pro

Doctors in the UK don't report mistakes, they don't trust the NHS to manage a blame free system
Medical News Today - 45 minutes ago
According to a survey carried out by Doctors Net UK, only 15% of medical errors which could have led to death or serious disability are being reported. Amazingly, they found that more than 80% of doctors have actually seen other doctors make mistakes, ...
Doctors 'not reporting errors' BBC News
Doctors fail to report errors of colleagues Scotland on Sunday
Sunday Herald - and 6 related

Change in UK diets 'could trigger mental health crisis'
Independent - 16 hours ago
Changes in British diets are going to lead to an explosion in mental health problems, medical experts said yesterday. They warned of a crisis even bigger than the epidemic of obesity afflicting the UK.
'Fish' test for heart attack risk BBC News
Agency sets out safety levels for oily fish Financial Times
Medical News Today - The Times, UK (subscription) - Guardian - Reuters - and 28 related
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