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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

POLITICS, GAMBLING AND PORN. We couldn't resist this story. Boxing publicist and gambling promoter Charles Jay of Indiana has already managed to do what most third party Presidential hopefuls fail to do: qualify for ballot status for November. Jay will appear on the Utah ballot as the Presidential nominee of the new Personal Choice Party (PCP) -- and hopes to qualify for the ballot in several other states, while running as a write-in elsewhere. Jay defeated gadfly perennial candidate and self-declared "Acting Utah Governor" Lawrence Topham with 88% of the vote at last week's PCP convention. The PCP appears to espouse a quasi-libertarian philosophy with pro-choice, pro-gun, pro-gambling and pro-privacy rights platform planks. Jay, for his part, has declared that nationwide legalized gambling is going to be his campaign's top issue, because "any person who supports legalized gambling would also logically support other individual freedoms." As for a VP runningmate, Jay selected his friend and former Ivory Soap model-turned-1970s porn star Marilyn Chambers.


The official emblem of the Personal Choice Party is the smiley face, symbolizing the Pursuit of Happiness. To represent the Personal Choice Party on the ballot, the State shall be provided with a standard smiley face. Party members shall be free to choose from among the countless multitudes of smiley faces, the one that best represents the Personal Choice Party for them.
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