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Sunday, June 06, 2004

"I used to write in my sleep. I thought it was a fairly common phenomenon, but it turned out nobody knew what I was talking about. They thought I simply wrote down my dreams. No: I wrote while asleep -- mentally composing a piece and then revising it 20, 40, 60 times. On waking, I'd remember the process, but not the text. So I put a notebook by my bed and trained myself to wake up after I finished dream-writing. I'd touch the wall over my head so that the coolness of the plaster would anchor me to reality and recite the work to myself in order to read it into the forebrain. Then in the morning I'd write it down." Michael Swanwick, explaining how he learned to write flash fiction. Locus, June 2004, p. 72.
"Fish are our fellow citizens with scales and fins."

Citizenship is a legal status.

"Try meat impostors -- veggie burgers, 'ham,' 'hot dogs,' and 'turkey' made out of soy and other meatless ingredients. They taste close enough to the real thing to fool any die-hard carnivore...."

This does not match my experience; nor the experience of any vegetarian or vegan I've talked with about such things.

Quote source: a pamphlet from PETA.
Why Muslim women fit into European society faster than men
The reasons for the gender gap in integration begin in the family, but don't end there. By Jennifer Ehrlich
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