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Thursday, June 03, 2004

It’s not often that the audience at a scientific meeting gasps in amazement during a talk. But that’s what happened when researchers revealed the result of deleting huge chunks of seemingly vital DNA from lab mice. Instead of the serious problems they were expecting, the mice could still run around, ate and slept normally, and overall appeared to have nothing at all wrong with them. The discovery leaves researchers wondering why the DNA targeted has been so carefully conserved during evolution… MORE

Dancing lasers levitate carbon nanotubes The trick may offer engineers who want to build microchips from nanotube components a way to move the tiny devices into place

Massive black holes common in early Universe
Astronomers reveal hundreds of hidden giants - most are buried in dust and were only found by combining data from several telescopes

Cows immune to BSE near reality
A major advance towards producing prion-free cows is made by researchers aiming to produce human antibodies in milk

Pumped-up dummy does the ironing
A human-shaped dummy that fills itself with hot air is the first machine designed for the home that can press shirts

Bug-laden foam destroys stink of manure
It would be sprayed onto the dung heaps or lagoons at intensive farms, to freshen the air for local communities

'Smart bullet' reports back wirelessly
The projectile can be fired at a target and then transmit information collected by a tiny inbuilt sensor

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if the Earth was hollow below the crust? Frying, starving, freezing and drowning would be just some of the problems. Find out more in this week’s Last Word section...MORE
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