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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Monday June 21, 2004. Woke up feeling healthy, for the first time in several days.

***"With this garment, I can travel to any world which might have been."

"You mean--"

"Yes, this is the vest of all possible worlds."

My brain is definitely working well again.

***To the temporary Minneapolis central library. Got (among others) a biography of Samuel Pepys. I've been reading his journal on the net, where it's consistently four hundred years and ten days late. (In his time, England had not yet succumbed to the Papist Gregorian calendar.) The journal is full of offhand references I don't understand. (There are some footnotes, but not everything is explained.)

First impression: By today's standards, Pepys was a lousy husband.

***On to Office Depot in City Center, where I hadn't been for a while. Among changes: Office Depot has closed one of its two entrances. City Center has a lot fewer first-floor businesses, and seems to no longer have first-floor restrooms.

Office Depot was cheaper for some things I needed than Office Max (which has a store within longish walking distance from me.)

On to Steeple People thrift shop and the Wedge Co-op.

***Mail: A marketing blunder from Fantasy & Science Fiction. The please-renew notice itself is okay; the envelope isn't. There's a picture intended to please fans of mediocre 1950s sf movies. This is not the taste F&SF caters to.
From Google News:
Dogs predict seizures with a sloppy kiss
ABC Science Online - 15 minutes ago
Dogs can predict when a child will have an epileptic seizure up to several hours in advance, according to new Canadian research.
Behavior: An Epileptic Child's Best Friend New York Times
Dogs Can Detect Seizures up to Five Hours Ahead of Time ABC News
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