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Monday, June 28, 2004

Monday June 28, 2004. Steeple People thift store was continuing its "Dandelion Sale." I bought a few things, one of which I needed. Donated the old one back to the store.

***Mail: Mix, July-August. Article on how the Federal "natural" food designation got watered down. News that regional food co-op associations are setting up a national association. Restaurant review by Bruce Schneir and Karen Cooper. Articles on food. News of Twin Cities Natural Foods Co-ops members. Ads for the organically correct.

My co-op, the Wedge, is a member of TCNFC and now a member of the national group. More purist co-ops in the Twin Cities -- ones which rely on volunteer labor -- aren't members.

An invitation to apply for an American Express card. Are they reaching out to people with lower incomes than their current customers? Did they buy a bad mailing list? I suspect both. That is, they're reaching down but don't intend to reach down as far as my current income level.
Writing: Daily exercise -- Done, posted to rec.arts.sf.written. Summary: at least two
sf print magazines are being stupid about mail ads. Fantasy & Science Fiction's renewal notice has an illustration designed for appeal to people who grew up on 1950s sf movies. Not a good move for a mostly-literary prozine. Realms of Fantasy offers the opportunity to start with the charter issue of this new zine -- almost ten years after that issue was published.

"Well Met, Well Met, My Own True Love" --

"They Might Be Windmills" --

"History Line" --
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php:
Public Release: 28-Jun-2004
Carnegie Mellon U. imaging study reveals sex-based differences that persist as mice enter adulthood
Using advanced imaging technology, Carnegie Mellon University scientists have conducted the first systematic examination of developmental and sex-associated changes in adolescent and adult mouse brains to reveal fundamental, persistent differences in key brain structures, such as those important for emotions, learning, and memory. This information, in press with NeuroImage, may be critical for modeling human neurologic and neuropsychiatric diseases, as well as for understanding how structural, sex-associated brain differences influence behavior and cognition.
National Multiple Sclerosis Society, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health

Public Release: 28-Jun-2004
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Mice with hyperactive Wnt10b gene eat all they want, but have half the body fat of normal mice
Genetically engineered mice, created at the University of Michigan Medical School, are living every dieter's dream. They eat unlimited amounts of high-fat mouse chow, but have about 50 percent less body fat than normal mice on a low-fat diet. And they show no signs of diabetes or other metabolic disorders.
National Institutes of Health, University of Michigan Medical School, American Diabetes Association
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