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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A New Age Bookstore in Elfland

They call us "dykes" -- rather, that's how their word for us translates. Fantasy writers tend to use the term "Midgarders" instead, to avoid the modern associations of "dyke". New Age writers (their term actually is closer to "New World Order" than to "New Age") use both, not always consistently.

And yes, we're as mythical in their world as they are in ours.

Camelot Books and Herbs in St. Brendan has a book section for people who believe in us. Unfortunately, I'm only able to read those books while I'm in Elfland; I understand this is true for most people who travel between the worlds. Otherwise, I would bring back large batches.

The nonfiction books have a great deal to say about our ability to foretell the future. It seems that we never make bad investments, or get caught by unexpected bad weather. Oddly enough, our prophecies always seem to agree with the author's point of view.

As for the fiction: their stories set in our world take for granted that we live in a feudal, pre-industrial society. It's not quite the same stereotypical Old Times as in our fantasy about them, of course. For one thing, women are the rulers. (Or were; in recent times, these fictional societies have become more gender-equal.)
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