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Friday, June 11, 2004

Public Release: 11-Jun-2004
Seminars in Dialysis
190 end-stage renal disease patients die each day: Epogen usage questioned
Seminars in Dialysis, a peer-reviewed journal published by Blackwell Publishing, is featuring the much-publicized* controversial editorial authored by Dennis Cotter in its May issue, despite outright rejection from a competitive journal, Dialysis and Transplantation.

From the full press release: For initial coverage of article rejection and controversy, see “Journal rejects article after objections from marketing department" by Owen Dyer, British Medical Journal, Volume 328 January 31 2004, page 244 and "Business, Science Clash at Medical Journal" by Shankar Vedantam, Washington Post, Saturday, February 7, 2004, page A02. The controversy surrounding this article began when first rejected from being published because it was considered inflammatory to the pharmaceutical industry and their advertising influences. The article is now receiving the chance to be read and discussed so clinicians can review the best treatment course for their dialysis patients. Additional background on the suppression of this paper can be found at http://www.wame.org/marketing.htm.
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