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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


What would a fully sane human being be like? That is, one with a genuinely healthy mind (or as close to it as possible for our species)?

Assume this person is an adult male, American by birth, citizenship, and residence. Some of his behavior might seem very, very odd to most Americans: He would drive at or below the speed limit, except when it's genuinely safer to drive above the speed limit. He would eat differently from most Americans -- without being on any diet, he would eat less and eat more nutritiously.

He wouldn't smoke -- anything. He might drink some wine or beer, but he wouldn't get drunk.

He would probably be registered in one of the two major parties. But he would not vote along party lines. He would not get angry at politicians; he would work to defeat the ones he considered bad.

For that matter, he would be far less prone to anger than most Americans.

Now, some people think he would be dull, uncreative, and boring. I don't.

To some extent, this might be a matter of taste. I find insanity boring, and most insane people rather dull.

Uncreative? There may be links between creativity and certain forms of insanity. But for every William Blake or Ezra Pound, there are thousands of the insane turning out bad poetry.
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