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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Saturday June 26, 2004. To Southwest Senior Center, to pick up this month's Fare For All food. A good haul; with one exception, it was all stuff I could and would use.

The exception was Old El Paso Cheesy Taco Pizza Dinner Kit -- just add ground beef, milk, and cheese. But this was something thrown in for free.

I was also offered a free watermelon. I turned it down, because I couldn't see myself finishing it off while it was still edible.

***Today was the Grand Opening of the first Light Rail line in the Twin Cities, the Hiawatha Line. Free rides on the trains, and also on Metro Transit's buses. Various promotional stuff at each of the twelve stops.

On the way to the LRT, Pat called my attention to some particularly silly statues in front of the new Federal Courthouse.

We got our first music -- the City Hall/Courthouse carillon.

We started at the Government Plaza Station, heading South, after getting our passports stamped.

The ride was smoother than in any car or bus I've ridden in lately, and smoother than I could recall any train ride being.

The only downside: it was crowded, and each time we got back on the train we had a long wait for spaces to open up. There were a lot of people who wanted to ride on the first day; I suspect it exceeded Metro Transit's most optimistic predictions.

We got off at the Cedar-Riverside Station. Food available: Chinese, vegetarian from the Hard Times Cafe, and Korean.

On to the station at Lake and Minnehaha. There was a preview of the Midtown Public Market, which will officially open next month.

I was tempted to buy a cabbage. Remembered that I already had cabbage at home. However -- this looked fresher than the cabbage I already possessed had looked in the grocery.
So, I bought it.

Bought a bottle of cold designer tea from the Seward Coop's booth -- for fifty cents, rather less than the usual price. And then there was the booth giving samples of Peace Coffee. (It does seem to be of high quality. Whether that and its Fair Trade status make it worth the price, I'll leave to those who buy coffee more often than I do.)

Manny's Tortas had a sign which was partly in the Cyrillic alphabet -- that is, words with a mixture of Cyrillic and Latin letters. If there's an alternate world in which this is authentically Mexican, I can't figure out what the Point of Divergence might be.

Tshirt seen: Welcome to Detroit. Sorry we missed you this time. Picture of a handgun, nervous-making end pointed at the viewer.

(To be continued)
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