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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Since neither LiveJournal nor Blogger provides the kind of comment column I want, I'm improvising my own version.

Thursday June 3, 2004. Last night, I did some leg exercises with my right leg -- the one I've had the most problems with. It didn't get as cold last night, and it feels better this morning. So, I'm going to start doing exercises with both legs. (The problem is poor circulation in my leg veins.)

mayakda 2004-06-04 05:31
Would a blood thinner help with the circulation? I noticed that if I add ginger to my diet (and drinking lots of water too) before giving blood, I'm in and out of the red cross bus in record time.

dsgood 2004-06-04 20:19
I've been taking an aspirin a day, on medical advice.

I didn't know that ginger was a blood thinner!

"Well Met, Well Met, My Own True Love" -- One word in title changed, from "Old" to "Own". A bit more of the story fleshed out. Took out a chunk which I'd decided didn't belong; I'll probably give the information in a brief conversation, rather than half of the ending scene.

cakmpls 2004-06-04 06:26
I'm interested in your title change. I've always known the line as ". . . Own True Love," and I had presumed (I may have missed your discussing it) that "Old" was deliberately chosen for a meaning in your story.

dsgood 2004-06-04 20:37
I've encountered both versions. I originally chose the "old" variant when I thought the story was "Juliet shoots Romeo." Now it's morphed. (For one thing, I didn't originally intend to mix the situation of "The Two Sisters" with polyamory.)

One thing which interests me about "The Demon Lover" (aka "James Harris," aka "The House Carpenter") is the FOAFtales ("I know it's true, because I heard it from a Friend Of A Friend of....") associated with it. People knew the names of the characters, for one thing -- even those who knew it by titles other than "James Harris." And none of the names are mentioned in any version of the song I've come across.
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