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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sunday June 27, 2004. Thoughts on reading Charles De Lint's _Spirits in the Wires_ while doing laundry:

1) I'm a sucker for fantasy set in borderlands, or largely in borderlands. Places where, for example, our magical world and the non-magical world of Elfland meet.

A fantasy which begins in a borderland and then moves entirely into one world will lose me. So will a borderland which becomes too much its own world (as in most of the Bordertown stories, for example).

And in real life, I find a city more interesting if it's a cultural borderland: Montreal, Strasbourg, Brussels, San Diego.

2) The idea that we each have a shadow-self, made up of those parts of our minds/souls which we refuse to acknowledge, doesn't seem true to me.

It could be that I have several shadows rather than just the one. Or I might have managed to kill my shadow.

Or perhaps Single Personality Disorder more than a joke, and I have it.

3) Something about reading Del Lint's fantasy makes me think more sharply and observe in more detail.
Writing: Daily exercise -- Done; see above.

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