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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Thursday June 10, 2004. Rummage sale at Pilgrim Lutheran Church's school, 3910 Stevens Avenue. On that part of Stevens, there's no way to forget which side of the street a building is on. The other side is taken up by a fence which protects Stevens from the freeway.

I spent a bit over a dollar. Saturday morning will be a $1 bag sale; right before my Clutterers Anonymous meeting.

To Steeple People thrift shop. I donated some "I might need it someday" stuff, bought a couple of teaspoons, and picked up some free magazines.

Across the street to the Wedge. Bought catnip, among other things; it doesn't do for me what it does for cats, but catnip tea does give me a slight lift.

Picked up a copy of the Southwest News. As usual, about half the car thefts included in the police report were from people who'd either left their keys in the ignition or left them in plain sight in their cars.
Writing: Daily exercise -- Political predictions. Sent to the newsgroups soc.politics and alt.history.future.

"Well Met, Well Met, My Own True Love" -- Added a new element. As it runs now: They have themselves brainwashed out of needing each other, have themselves brainwashed into being in love, and live happily ever after.

"They Might be Windmills" -- One conversation added.
From the UK edition of Google news:
Row grows at Reid's defence of smoking
The Herald - 2 hours ago
JOHN Reid, health secretary, sparked a major political row when he claimed that smoking was one of the few enjoyments left to those living on council "sink" estates.
Ministers plan to set tougher targets for cutting smoking Independent
Docs Fury As Reid Sparks Cigs Row Glasgow Daily Record

From the India edition of Google News:
Skeletons tumble out of temple closet
Sify - 45 minutes ago
Workers repairing a centuries-old temple in a West Bengal village have come across dozens of human skeletons, fuelling theories of mass murders and human sacrifice.
VHP bid to invade Red bastion Times of India
India News: Human skeletons dug out of ancient temple Keralanext

From The Economist's free weekly business ezine:

Germany's constitutional court confirmed a ban on Sunday shopping by throwing out a legal challenge from Kaufhof, a department-store chain, while recognising that exceptions, such as shops in railway and petrol stations, are growing. According to the constitution, Sundays and official holidays are upheld as days of “spiritual elevation”.
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