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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Thursday June 23, 2004. I got a Swiss version of the Nigerian Letter.

And then this turned up on Live Avatar's LiveJournal, taken from the Morris Dancing mailing list:

Let me
introduce myself to you. I am Mrs Janet Lin, a director at the First Bank
of Carterhaugh. I came to you in confidence because of some money, namely
TWENTY-EIGHT MILLION GOLD COINS (28,000,000.000 gold coins) belonging to my
missing husband, Thomas (Tam) Lin, who was abducted by the faeries in a
ghastly incident many years ago. The money has been buried under a thorn
hedge for seven hundred years. I have given up hope that my beloved THOMAS
LIN will return and so have decided to retrieve his money and move to Tir Na
Nog. I want you to help claim the buried money as you are a source for good
investment. For this we are prepared to give you a reasonable percentage
has been set aside for you and the rest will be for me and my milk cow
called Derek. For the intrest of doing business please do not hesitate to
contact MR DEREK GUERNSEY on 27-731-450-735 Fax 27-843-232-611 IMMEDIATELY.
I thank you for your cooperation and warn of DIRE CONSEQUENCES if you fail
to solicit my confidences.

Mrs. Janet Lin
First Bank of Carterhaugh
Usenet: Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.composition
Subject: Re: Digital Knight (Backlash against the series?)
From: "Brian M. Scott"
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 00:02:36 -0400

On 24 Jun 2004 00:10:41 GMT Dan Goodman wrote

"Digression: I wish I'd saved the message about an online map which shows European borders from 1000 AD on -- month by month."

Sounds like Centennia, the full version of which is available for $89 . There's an online version that includes maps for 26 representative dates from 1025 to 1997.
Via soc.genealogy.jewish: A family reunited by home movies -- found in a garage owned by unrelated people
From the India edition of Google News:
Spider-Man in a loincloth is all-Indian hero
Telegraph.co.uk - 3 hours ago
Spider-man is to go global with the release of an Indian version of the comic book superhero, complete with loincloth, Hindu demons and battle scenes over the Taj Mahal.
Here comes the Spider-Man India National Post (subscription)
Eastern Swing: Sharad Devarajan Talks Indian Spider-Man comic Book Resources
Asia Times Online - Rediff - NEWS.com.au - India Express - and 11 related
[June 23] in 1969, Coleman Young is sworn in as Chief Advocate of the Supreme People’s Court. The lifelong Communist Party member and activist for local soviets had risen to distinction by chairing the investigation into the assassination of Comrade President Rosenberg. Many claimed that the investigation was a thinly-disguised party whitewash of the truth, but most of the public accepted its finding that the counter-revolutionary, Oswald, had acted on his own.
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