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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Tuesday June 22, 2004. DreamHaven Books had Mary Gentle's Ash: A Secret History among the used books -- four thick volumes. I decided I needed it, so I could work out what the author had done and how she'd done it.

Since we're both on rec.arts.sf.composition, I could ask her directly. But that wouldn't give me the same information I expect to get from analyzing it.

***On to the Wedge co-op. For the first time, I noticed that they have lemon pepper -- which is roughly the same thing as Penzeys's Florida Seasoned Pepper. (The Florida Seasoned Pepper has garlic in it, and seems to have a bit more sour salt.) I've been using the Florida Seasoned Pepper as my main salt substitute.

After getting home, I worked out that it's cheaper than Penzeys for amounts below four ounces; more expensive from four ounces up. I've been using enough of it that buying four ounces at a time makes sense.
Writing: Daily exercise -- Done, posted to http://www.livejournal.com/community/synaesthesis/
and to the Synesthesia mailing list.

"Well Met, Well Met, My Own True Love" -- A bit more information added; part of a conversation (the part containing that information) gone from zero draft to first draft.

The two major characters both have one of my major weaknesses; this makes writing certain parts both more difficult and easier.

"They Might Be Windmills" --

"History Line" --
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