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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tuesday June 29, 2004. To Steeple People thrift store, where I bought more containers.

And started putting stuff in them, as soon as I got home. Which has not been my usual pattern, to put it mildly.

***Later, I took the #4 bus back north to the Wedge Co-op. Then the #2 down Franklin Avenue to the Franklin Avenue LRT station, and the #55 train south to Lake and Hiawatha.
The train had a reasonable number of people on it for that time in the evening.

Shopped at the Cub Foods store there. And then I took the train to the 38th Street Station.

This train was crowded; standing room only. I couldn't figure out why, till I noticed some of the men wore baseball clothing. These were people leaving a game at the Metrodome.

The bus stop on 38th Street was next to the Cardinal Bar, which proclaims that they patty their beef fresh every morning.

#23 bus home.
Writing: Daily exercise -- For today's exercise, I decided to write an excerpt from a future equivalent of Diana Wynne Jones's _The Tough Guide to Fantasyland_. That is, from a compendium of cliches found in fiction set in the gentler, simpler (and simultaneously more adventurous) time of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries:

Transportation: In the countryside, all travel is either by steam-powered trains or by gasoline-powered flying cars.

In cities, most travel is by ground cars hired at hourly rates, and driven by wise old men. (Sometimes these "cabbies" turn out to be beautiful young women in disguise.)

The adventurous might take the underground subway trains, which are powered by fission reactors. Your fellow passengers will include land pirates, alligators, and "goths" (more properly called suggoths). Be prepared to defend yourself, your possessions, and your companions.

Food: In the countryside, be certain to bring a tin-opener (aka "churchkey"), and sufficient cans of stew. In much of North America, you will be able to hunt local animals -- rabbits, llamas, wallabies, etc. -- and add them to the stew.

In cities, you will eat either in diners or in ristorantes. In a diner, the waitron will heat a can of stew and open it for you. In a ristorante, you will eat more varied fare such as fish served complete with heads and all, meatloaf made from tofu plants, and German tacos.

***"Well Met, Well Met, My Own True Love" -- More added to zero draft of the new scene.

"They Might Be Windmills" --

"History Line" --
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