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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Deep in the concrete canyons of city centres, GPS often fails because high buildings block the signals they rely on. But an unlikely back-up for GPS is emerging that works best in cities and inside cavernous complexes like shopping malls: Wi-Fi. New software uses the signals from Wi-Fi base stations to calculate a user's position. Its developers predict that Wi-Fi could become central to new location-based applications, and that the emergency services in particular could find the system an essential back-up...MORE

Tooth growing experiments bring smiles
Remarkable progress is being made towards growing replacement teeth from stem cells, but major obstacles remain

Noisy secret of Mona Lisa's smile
A new study suggests that the power of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece comes in part from random noise in our visual systems

Fundamental physics constants stay put
A new study casts doubt on an earlier claim that the fine-structure constant varied as the Universe evolved

Horn damage hints at Triceratops battles
The three-horned dinosaur could apparently wrestle head-to-head with other members of its own species

From http://politicalwire.com:
Presidential Candidate Ringtones
From Engadget: "Show your support for the candidate you love (or hate) by having them endorse your incoming phone call with these ringtones. Each ringtone is the candidate saying their name and that they approve this message."

Pole Workers Supporting Poll Workers
Following the lead set by their Wisconsin colleagues, Ohio gentleman club owners have begun registering voters for the November election. "Angelina Spencer is co-owner of the Circus and executive director of the Association of Club Executives, which represents about 800 exotic establishments. She thinks pole workers should drum up business for poll workers," the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

"Spencer says she has signed up perhaps 225 workers and customers. The association's Ohio chapter claims another 5,000 registrants."
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