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Friday, July 30, 2004

Early fish hit land to be better predators
Primitive fish may have hauled themselves on to land to soak up energy from the Sun and become better hunters
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php:
Public Release: 29-Jul-2004
First Language
UW researcher links storytelling and mathematical ability
Math and storytelling may seem like very different abilities, but a new study by University of Waterloo scientist Daniela O'Neill suggests that preschool children's early storytelling abilities are predictive of their mathematical ability two years later.
Science and Engineering Research Canada

Public Release: 30-Jul-2004
Journal of Nutrition
Isolated soy protein shown to benefit type 2 diabetics, study indicates
Isolated soy protein added to the diets of 14 men, all military veterans under treatment for advanced stages of type 2 diabetes, significantly lowered unwanted proteins in their urine and slightly raised desired HDL cholesterol levels in their blood, researchers say.
Illinois Council for Agricultural Research; Protein Technologies International; Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal)
From the UK edition of Google News:
Men jailed by mistake to get bill for board
The Scotsman - 2 hours ago
TWO men who spent 18 years in jail before being cleared of murdering newspaper boy Carl Bridgewater must repay the money they saved in "board and lodgings" while in prison, the Court of Appeal in London ruled yesterday.
Wrongly jailed trio must pay for prison B&B Guardian
Men wrongly jailed for newsboy murder to pay prison lodging Independent
Telegraph.co.uk - The Herald - Glasgow Daily Record - Reuters - and 69 related

"Anti-American" Marketing Campaign?

This came in an urgent emergency e-mail from Heritage Foundation's Town Hall, in its entirety (please, sue me, and get FOX to sue me, too!):

To: Conservative Friends
From: Center for Individual Freedom
Re: Subway's Anti-American Tray-Liners

Dear Friends,
I am writing today to ask for your help on an issue of utmost importance.
It has come to our attention that SUBWAY, an American company, is using this tray liner (see below for English translation) in their restaurants in Germany and across Europe. In a shameless and anti-American effort to increase sales in Europe, SUBWAY restaurants are promoting the film, "Super Size Me," a documentary about a man who gains weight by gorging himself at McDonald's for 30 days straight without any exercise. Learn more about “Super Size Me”, and its irresponsible message....
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