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Friday, July 30, 2004

Friday July 30, 2004. Samir Husni's website, http://www.mrmagazine.com/home.htm, includes monthly lists of new-launched magazines. A couple I noticed:

May: How-To Guide for Soap Opera Hair

January: Bagel Digest. The actual zine is much less interesting than the name. A quick look at www.bageldigest.com shows that 1) it has nothing to do with bagels; 2) the first issue's cover shows two ugly men; the second issue's cover shows an unattractive man; 3) cover price is $12. I expect it not to last.

*** http://conventionbloggers.com still tracks blogs which reported on the Democratic National Convention. At least one has turned to other subjects:

Westport Now, 7/30/2004; 7:50:02 PM
Long Lots School Parking Lot Expansion in High Gear. Work on the expansion of the Long Lots Elementary School parking lot is underway. The parking lot in front of the school is torn up, and the adjacent property purchased by the town for the project is being graded with...

Executive summary: Ran errands, slept off a cold.

Steeple People thrift store: "I can't buy this; I already have one." And then I reminded myself that the one I had didn't work.

Wedge Co-op: "Grass fed beef." My second thought was "No; nobody's going to raise beef cattle on marijuana."

Why yes, I was around in the 1960s. How did you ever guess that?

Writing: daily exercise -- Done.

"Well Met, Well Met, My Own True Love" --

"They Might Be Windmills" --

"History Line" --

"Port Useless" --

Review: The Horns of Midgard --
Public Release: 30-Jul-2004
Something's fishy about new NIST food standard
Accurately measuring exactly what's in the food we eat, before we eat it, is a surprisingly difficult job. Making the process both easier and more accurate is NIST's Standard Reference Material 1946, a set of five bottles of frozen, homogenized trout from Lake Superior. With carefully measured values for 100 chemical constituents, the SRM helps food industry and environmental researchers accurately assess both healthful ingredients and contaminants in fish and similar foods.
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