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Thursday, July 29, 2004

From a Borders Books e-newsletter:
In an area staggeringly inhospitable to human life, an enzyme has been discovered that can dramatically prolong it. But the people trying to harvest the precious substance from 2,000 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean are finding that their attempts are having a radically opposite effect on their life expectancy. In Clive Cussler's latest dispatch from the NUMA Files, LOST CITY, it's up to Kurt Austin and colleague Joe Zavala to figure out why researchers are dying, and how it all fits in with a mysterious submarine and the frozen body of an aviator found high in the Alps.

We report. You decide:
BUSHWORLD: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK (available August 5) is the first book from New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. In its pages, the Pulitzer Prize winner -- whom George W. Bush has nicknamed "the Cobra" -- takes a critical look at the politics and legacies of both Presidents Bush.

Investigative journalist Ronald Kessler interviewed everyone from old college roommates to key administration players to produce A MATTER OF CHARACTER: INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE OF GEORGE W. BUSH (available August 5). It's a vibrant, revelatory look at a president who Kessler argues boasts more moral clarity and leadership verve than any of his recent predecessors.
Claim Amend - US Constitution Amended
Category: Politics:US Politics bid 25, ask 35, last 20
Owner: 6560, kochiboy
Judge: 5458, Arrectis Auribus

created: 2004/07/21
due date: 2009/06/01
The Claim

The US Constitution will be Amended.

Judge's Statement

As of this date, July 22nd, 2004, The United States Constitution and the first ten amendments (collectively known as the Bill of Rights) were ratified on December 15, 1791. Less than four years later, the 11th amendment was added. At various intervals (ranging from a few months to more than 60 years) since then, more amendments have been added, for a total of 27. The last one was ratified on May 7th, 1992. A True judgment will be entered if a 28th amendment has completed the formal process between this claim's activation date and its due date. If no new amendments have been added to the Consitution between those times, this claim will be judged False. If the United States of America ceases to be a sovereign nation by the due date without having added a new amendment, the claim will be judged "False." Further information concerning the amendment process can be found at www.usconstitution.net
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