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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php:
Public Release: 6-Jul-2004
University of Illinois creates robot farmers
Farm equipment in the future might very well resemble the robot R2D2 of Star Wars fame. But instead of careening through a galaxy far, far away, these ag robots might be wobbling down a corn row, scouting for insects, blasting weeds and taking soil tests.

Public Release: 6-Jul-2004
Nature Genetics
Mayo Clinic researchers identify gene regulating aging and fertility
Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered a gene responsible for the onset of aging, including age-related disorders such as infertility, reproductive problems and cataracts. This research, conducted in genetically modified mice, is promising in helping physicians understand and treat the same disorders in humans. The findings appear in the July issue of the journal Nature Genetics.

Public Release: 6-Jul-2004
Parental control of media influences behavior
Children whose parents prevent them from watching R-rated movies have a much lower risk of taking up smoking. That's the finding of research by Dartmouth Medical School published today in the journal, Pediatrics.

Public Release: 6-Jul-2004
18th Meeting of the European Association for Cancer Research
Croatian skeletons reveal changing status of cancer in Europe across the centuries
Cancer incidence rates in the developed world are increasing each year and developing countries are also now showing an increased incidence of the disease. But how much were our ancestors affected by the disease? Research by Dr. Mario Slaus (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts) suggests that the disease was very uncommon even in our recent ancestors, reinforcing the concept that cancer is a 'modern' disease, largely a consequence of our greater longevity.
From the UK edition of Google News:
UK train firm rolls out Wi-Fi to all travellers
The Register - 2 hours ago
UK rail company GNER today granted its Second Class passengers access to its train-wide Wi-Fi network. To date, wireless Internet access has been the privilege of First Class ticket holders.
UK Rail Gets WiFi Unstrung
GNER trains enables Wi-Fi for all NetImperative
The Scotsman - BBC News - e-consultancy
Among a heap of books claiming that science proves God's existence emerges one that computes a probability of 67 percent.
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