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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

From Google News:
Pentagon denies hiding terror suspects
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 2 hours ago
WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon on Wednesday denied it is hiding any imprisoned terrorism suspects from the International Committee of the Red Cross. A Defense Department spokesman would not comment on whether other US agencies might be doing so.
TSA's No. 2 official says he's leaving Seattle Times
Red Cross Believes US May Be Hiding Detainees Los Angeles Times (subscription)
Miami Herald (subscription) - News-Leader.com - Islam Online - Bloomberg - and 290 related

Which probably means the Pentagon is being as truthful about this as Bill Clinton was about his sex life.

Health Canada fires whistle-blowing scientists
Toronto Star - 5 minutes ago
OTTAWA (CP) Health Canada has fired three scientists who repeatedly criticized the department's drug-approval policies, and who claimed they were being pressured to approve unsafe veterinary drugs.
Health Canada fires outspoken scientists CTV
Health Canada fires scientists who criticized department process Canada.com
Halifax Daily News - and 8 related
From the UK edition of Google News:
Early Blindness Sharpens Sense of Sound
Forbes - 35 minutes ago
WEDNESDAY, July 14 (HealthDayNews) -- Sighted people often marvel at the creative genius of blind musicians; the list notably includes pop superstar Stevie Wonder, who's been blind since birth.
Early blindness attunes pitch: study CBC News
Study: Infant Blindness Boosts Music Ability Reuters
Nature.com - BBC News - Daily Times - Yahoo News - and 11 related
Martha Stewart preps for prison, consultant in tow
A sentancing [sic] consultant will help the doyenne of taste navigate the complexities of her punishment. By Ron Scherer and Sara B. Miller

Ms. Stewart's hire is not an anomaly these days. As white-collar criminals increasingly face jail terms, a group of consultants is helping them transition from life in the fast lane to life behind bars.

Some advisers focus solely on the sentencing process, often convincing judges to hand down shorter and lighter penalties. Others are more all-encompassing: part legal adviser, part psychiatrist, and part friend, as they help defendants and their families prepare for the shock, humiliation, and isolation that often accompany a prison sentence.

Those familiar with the business say the industry is in great demand from white collar criminals, ranging from child pornographers to CEOs accused of stealing corporate funds.
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