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Friday, July 16, 2004

In my previous life, I was a member of an active mailing list for fans of ska music. (In tribute, I’ve just created a ska name generator.) Every few months, members would talk about the music that they listened to, outside of ska. It quickly degenerated into a uniquely annoying form of indie one-upsmanship. Popular, marginal, and largely unknown bands were dismissed with contempt (“You’re still listening to Big Black?”). The discussion quickly disappeared down the indie rabbit hole, as members professed their love for vinyl-only releases from obscure foreign noise bands.

My friend Mark managed to shut them up. He wrote a long email about how everyone else was a sellout, and how he had gotten into the most obscure music ever. He would go to the local maternity ward with a stethoscope and listen to a particular fetus’s heartbeat.

From alt.comp.freeware:

"Are you always the one who's stuck getting coffee for your colleagues? How does Keith in accounts take his coffee again? You're going to get a coffee, but is there anyone else who wants one too? The Coffee Manager is the answer!

"The Coffee Manager is a small application for your work computer, which asks everyone in the office if they would like a coffee, then gathers all the drinks requests and selects a person to make the trip to the coffee machine! The Coffee Manager can also present you with a graphic display of statistics to chart the drinking habits and rituals of your team."

When did Brits (office-workers, at least) become coffee-drinkers again? In the 1959 movie "I'm All Right Jack," there's a meeting about selling coffee to the English. Everyone at the meeting drinks cup after cup of tea.
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