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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

July 19/20 2004. Midnight snack: Eggs fried with overripe bananas, spiced with cinnamon.

This also works with pome fruits (apples, pears); both underripe and overripe ones are improved by frying. It does not work well with citrus fruit.

Tuesday July 20 2004. I went to the Midtown Farmers Market because it was supposed to have drummers. They did have a drummer when I got there, but he was a disappointment. He kept repeating the same uninspiring rhythm, over and over.

But they did have some food worth buying.

Note: "Midtown" is as far uptown as Uptown is.

I was near Savers thrift store, so I decided to stop in there. For 99 cents, I found something useful for certain kinds of exercises. Of course, there was the problem that I might have to explain why I had a golf club when I don't golf.

Savers is an international chain which isn't tied to any one charity; it collects for different charities in different areas.

I'd gone to that area by the route I've taken for years: #4 bus to Lake Street, #21 bus to near Hiawatha Avenue. Force of habit -- I could have taken the #23 bus and the Hiawatha light rail line.

I did take the Hiawatha line and the #23 bus home. And I did find myself explaining that I don't golf.
Writing: Daily exercise -- Complete text follows: Too damned hot to write.

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