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Saturday, July 10, 2004

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"Zogby Forums A new kind of political community."

From a quick look, these forums are much politer and much more thoughtful than most political forums.
NRA and Outdoor Writers Have Falling-Out
Head of Gun Group Rebuked For Attack on Sierra Club

My biased summary: The National Rifle Association says if you're against paving the wilderness, you're anti-gun.
Other Services Eyed by Army for Recruiting

WASHINGTON, July 8 - The Army is looking for a few good sailors and airmen. Actually, more than just a few.

In what some military experts see as another sign of how the Army's commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan have strained it, the service for the first time will soon begin aggressively recruiting thousands of sailors and airmen who are otherwise scheduled to leave the Navy and Air Force because of cutbacks.

July 10, 2004
Winning Between the Lines

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Want to know who is going to win the presidential election?
Look at the party platforms.

True, few voters actually read party platforms, which are intended to be statements of the party's positions and proposals. And who can blame them? The documents — often leaden, homogenized and full of generic campaign-speak — can send even the most ardent political observer into the deepest of slumbers.

But an analysis of both parties' platforms since 1960 suggests that their length and content can be remarkably helpful in gauging a party's health and, in the end, its chances of electoral success.

From Google News:
Fla. Scraps Flawed Felon Voting List
ABC News - 15 minutes ago
MIAMI July 10, 2004 Florida elections officials said Saturday they would not use a disputed list of people believed to be convicted felons to purge voter rolls, acknowledging a flaw that kept some Hispanic felons off the list and could have allowed ...
State scraps voting list of potential felons Miami Herald (subscription)
Suprise Suprise : Florida Fields Flawed Felon List morons.org
New York Times - USA Today - MSNBC - Los Angeles Times (subscription) - and 156 related
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