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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Saturday July 24, 2004. Around the corner to Southwest Senior Center, to pick up Fare For All food.
Every time Twin Cities bus routes undergo large changes, two complaints show up in the Star Tribune's letter column: 1) I bought this house because it was on a bus route -- how dare they take my bus away? 2) I bought this house because it wasn't on a bus route -- how dare they torment me with buses?

I started thinking about people who believe governments should protect them against neighborhood change. The degradation resulting from renters or other underclass scum moving in; gentrification; sufficient street parking that they don't need garages....

Perhaps governments could offer such extra services at a price. You don't want affordable housing? Pay us enough, and we'll put the affordable housing somewhere else; your payments include the money needed to compensate those renters for inconvenience and extra expenses. If you can't afford it, get your neighbors to chip in. Want the bus to go down your street? Pay us what's needed to reroute it so it's convenient to you but still serves the area we want to serve. For an extra fee, we'll make sure the schedule is convenient for you.

Later, I decided it might be better to have people work off such neighborhood-stability fees.
Took the #4 bus north to Lyndale. There was a detour to avoid the Art Car Parade.

At Steeple People thrift store, I made an extravagant purchase -- an Oxo teakettle.

Oxo makes kitchen equipment which is easier for people with hand problems to use. I don't need this, except perhaps for can openers. (I'm lefthanded; I'm so habituated to "normal" can openers that I find it very hard to use a lefthanded one. And since I'm relatively clumsy using righthanded ones, I like to use Oxo's can openers.) And I already had a teakettle.

The Oxo one was easier to use, better constructed, and looked better.

***Walked to Franklin and Hennepin, where I took the #6 bus to the Mnstf meeting.

The meeting was hosted by Dean Gahlon and Laura Krentz. Good food, good company, and a lot of books.

I saw one book titled Immoral Unicorns. That was a reado; it was actually Immortal Unicorn. But an anthology about immoral unicorns would be interesting.

I suspect that virgins would be the wrong bait for immoral unicorns -- except, perhaps, for the villain of Theodore Sturgeon's "The Silkenswift".
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