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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Some Political Dimensions

1) a. So long as there is one man in chains, I am not free.

b. The right to own slaves is the right to be free.

2) a. There is one right way for people to think and act. Given the opportunity, people will follow this path. This requires changing society so that the opportunity is there.

Most Marxists, Libertarians, anarchists, most of the Religious Right, and most Neo-Pagans
fall in this category.

b. People are inherently depraved. For the good of society, they must be kept from following their own inclinations.

c. Given the opportunity, members of the creative minority will follow the true path. Society must be changed so that they have this opportunity; and so that others will follow them. I would place Ayn Rand in this category.

d. There is a different best path for every individual.

e. There is a different best path for every group of a certain kind (ethnic, usually).

3) a. Political history repeats itself in rigid cycles.

b. Political history has cycles, but the length of any phase is unpredictable.

c. Political history is not cyclic.

4) a. Central control of the economy is most rational, and works best.

b. Central control is worse than useless.

c. Central control is worse than useless -- and we need a strong government agency to make certain it doesn't happen.

5) a) Violence is never necessary. For example, Hitler could have been defeated by nonviolent means.

b) Nothing is ever achieved except by violence.

c) Sometimes violence works, sometimes it doesn't.

6) a) The largest share of economic benefits should go to the people who do the essential work of production. (Note: Some believe these to be the bosses, some believe these to be the workers.)

b) From each according to his abilities, to each according to his need.

c) The current economic inequalities are ordained by [God; the laws of nature; __].
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