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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Thursday July 29, 2004. I've now found an information manager which seems to work well for me: Notebook203.exe.

Last night, a discussion on Forward Motion (http://fmwriters.com) led me to a list of personal wikis. I screened out one I'd tried before (it "helpfully" removed spaces I'd put between paragraphs), ones which turned out to be shareware rather than freeware, etc.

I was dubious about Notebook203 because the description said it was easily programmable in
TJ -- which I had never heard of. (Experienced programmers often have odd notions of what's easy for the inexperienced.) Turns out that nothing I would consider programming is necessary.
I saw my first Segway today, in Downtown Minneapolis. It had a sign on the front advertising the availability of advertising.

Ribfest (annual barbeque/rock event downtown) had a booth giving out free copies of a novel: Rich Shapero, Wild Animus. It seems to be self-published.

There were fewer food samples than in previous years, but still an interesting assortment.

On to Steeple People thrift store. Several Oxo implements for a quarter each, among other things. Now I need to get rid of what they replace.

Across Lyndale Avenue to the Wedge.

***And then I came home, and overturned most theories about human society.

Let me unpack that: I read Isaiah Berlin on the history of ideas, and Nancy Kress on creating characters, and tried (both consciously and unconsciously) to work out how I think human society works.

First approximation: It's an improvisational dance/conversation.

The formal theory I've encountered which comes closest is symbolic interactionism -- one of the ways sociologists look at what they study.
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