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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Thursday July 8, 2004. Took the #23 bus crosstown to the 38th Street Station. Then the Hiawatha Line down to the Cedar-Riverside Station.

The station's in a part of Cedar-Riverside I'm not familiar with, a few blocks from Cedar Avenue. Walking along Cedar, I noticed how much it's been changed by immigrants. Mostly Somalis, I believe; there were stores which specifically catered to Somalis.

Where the New Riverside Cafe used to be is now the Riverside Restaurant; except for its name, it seems to be run for (and probably by) immigrants. The New Riverside's customers were almost always bohemian and semi-bohemian Americans; probably a few Canadians and a very few Europeans also went to the New Riverside.

To Midwest Mountaineering, where I looked to see what had changed in outdoor equipment since I'd been there last.

An employee asked me if I needed help. I told her I didn't; but after a few moments I went over to her.

"Yes, I do have a question. What's the difference between women's water bottles and men's water bottles?"

She hadn't noticed that some of the water bottles were marked as being for women. She appeared to find this almost as amusing as I did. She didn't have an explanation.

Among other niche marketing: vegan-friendly women's trail boots. (I didn't notice if there were any for men, and didn't think about it till after I'd left.) And backpacks specifically for carrying computers.

On to Downtown Minneapolis. I bought some things at Office Depot, then went to the Food Court.

One of the two employees at the Greek Grill looked East African. The other looked as if he just might be Greek; but he spoke to a customer in Spanish fluently enough that it was either his native language or one of his native languages.

Back in the direction I think of as uptown (which doesn't exist as a direction for Twin Cities natives) to the Wedge Co-op.

***"Minneapolis voters may have an opportunity to vote on legalizing the medical use of marijuana in November."
(That is, in November there may be an opportunity to vote on legalizing medical use. As written, the above could also mean an opportunity to legalize it only during that one month of the year.)

Outside the Wedge, someone was collecting signatures for getting that charter amendment on the ballot. I signed the petition.

The amendment won't take effect unless Federal and state laws are changed. I suspect this means it will become a live issue about the same time as issuing aviation licenses to pigs becomes a live issue.
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