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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wednesday July 7, 2004. To Pillsbury House, where I did data entry for the Community Barter Network and Pillsbury House's volunteer program.

I also did a bit of filing. Some of which will probably get redone when a new volunteer coordinator is hired, and changes the filing system to her taste.

***After that, to Uncle Hugo's. And I took another look at a book I'd found unsatisfactory: Charles De Lint's Trader.

What had bothered me: Toward the end, the protagonist finds it hard to remember that he's in another body except when he looks in a mirror.

I looked earlier in the book. And -- with a couple of small exceptions, the other body doesn't feel different enough that he notices. He notices it looking different; he notices having a different voice. But he doesn't notice the feeling of different muscles. He doesn't notice different susceptibility to stress, and different bodily reactions to it.

De Lint is one of my favorite fantasy writers. But this is one book of his I'm not going to read.
Writing: Daily exercise -- I decided to count the above as fulfilling the requirements.

"Well Met, Well Met, My Own True Love" -- Reworked a couple of bits of the first draft portion. I think it's a bit clearer why people who have certain information aren't trying to profit by it. (They're infojunkie hobbyists. And just as birdwatchers don't think of eating most of the birds they see....)

"They Might be Windmills" --

"History Line" --
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