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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Candidate puts all his concerns about lesbians on (pool) table
By Frank Cerabino

It's not every day you get to ask the candidate an issue question like this.

"Don't you like to watch two lesbians playing pool?" I asked.

"Absolutely not," said Republican candidate Ed Heeney, who will be on the ballot in November for a seat in the Florida Legislature.

"They're not as sweet as everybody perceives," said Heeney, 50, of Boynton Beach, whose campaign has spiraled into a forum on lesbians and billiards.

For the record: He thinks lesbians are ruining pool in South Florida.

He tells of a harrowing pool tournament in a lesbian bar where his second shot on a run turned into a brawl.

"The lesbians were trying to get at me," he said. "The bar was full of them."

Heeney warms up quickly on the subject of the victimization of straight male pool players.
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