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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Comments and belated replies

Saturday January 24, 2004. To the Southwest Senior Center, for Fare For All food. The food isn't quite what I would select myself; but for $15.50, it's a bargain.

Three pounds of Red Delicious apples. I've read that Delicious apples really were delicious -- before they were crossed with another variety to improve their looks.

I sliced up two of them, and fried them together with an egg. Apples and other pome fruits improve in flavor when fried. (So do bananas, but not citrus fruits.)

I'd bought a turkey wing at Lunds, which was selling them for 59 cents a pound. (This week; next week it might be twice as much, or might be the same price.) I souped it with carrots and cabbage. (Fare for All stuff included one pound of carrots; I used ones I already had. It also included a head of cabbage.) I decided to try using the outer cabbage leaves, rather than throwing them away.

The turkey wing came out well, as did the carrots. I used lime juice on both.

The cabbage leaves? Next time I'll throw away those outer leaves.

I also boiled some potatoes (5-pound bag from Fare for All), and ate them.

After which I learned, from an article in the February Discover, that I should probably be avoiding potatoes.

Snacks: corn tortillas.

2004-02-01 12:24 (link) Select
Are you allowed onions? Apples and onions fried together are excellent. Add some sausage (I prefer linguica) and it's a delicious meal.

2004-08-08 19:59 (from (link) Select
Onions are allowable. Sausage usually has more salt than I should be taking in.
Thursday July 8, 2004. From soc.genealogy.jewish, a site for Argentine surnames (not complete; so far it's only names from the province of Buenos Aires and the city of Buenos Aires): http://surnames.rutrin.com.ar/index.shtml

"Goodman" shows up, as do "Gutman" and "Gutmann".

2004-07-08 22:24 (from (link) Select
I don't understand: is this a list of current names? Are these all Jewish names?

I found my mother's maiden name in the list; the tale is that we came from Spain (Poland before that, in the 1400s) to Mexico with Maximillian. I didn't know of any relatives in Argentina.

2004-08-08 20:11 (from (link) Select
Sorry for the confusion. These names aren't all Jewish, or all current.

As for whether people with the same name in Argentina are related to you: They might or might not be. Names arise from different sources. In New York City, "Goodman" is (or was through the 1960s) stereotypically either Irish or Jewish. In Minnesota, some Goodmans are of Scandinavian ancestry; the name was originally something like Gudmundson. In Ireland, some Goodmans have translated their names into the Gaelic equivalent.

There's good information about names at http://www.jewishgen.org. (And probably useful to non-Jews of European ancestry.)
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