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Monday, August 23, 2004

Dealing with Depression -- And Other Bad Feelings

I'm not clinically depressed, and I'm not trained to treat depression. But I do have to deal with Generalized Anxiety Disorder -- which means having a constant feeling that something unspecified is about to go very, very wrong. I also have acrophobia -- which means I often feel as if I'm about to fall far enough to get hurt. The acrophobia can kick in when there's no realistic likelihood of that happening.

The medication I take for ADD/ADHD also has the side-effect of considerably reducing anxiety. But I still sometimes have to deal with it.

What I do is very simple, though not always easy. I keep in mind that the way I feel doesn't necessarily have anything to do with reality. And that this particular feeling has a track record which indicates that it most likely isn't triggered by anything in the real world.
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