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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

From the Arizona Star, via http:/polstate.com:
Ernesto Portillo Jr.: Republicans had better tend to their own electoral tricks

Maybe a few of the state's top Republicans are right about something after all. There is electoral fraud in Arizona.

For months now, key GOP leaders have been screaming about massive voter fraud in Arizona committed by noncitizens. Party honchos like state Rep. Randy Graf, R-Green Valley, insist it's happening, although no state election has been tainted by evidence of voting by undocumented immigrants.

But recent voting high jinks did not involve undocumented immigrants and other noncitizens. The electoral subterfuge is right smack in the center of the state's Republican ruling clique.

In May, Tucson Republican Mike Hellon lost his party post as national committeeman. Party voters gave the moderate Republican the boot in an intra-party election won by conservative challenger Randy Pullen of Phoenix.

Arizona's Republicans elect three people to the party's national committee. The contest was heated, and when it cooled Pullen won by five votes out of 573 cast.

But questions about the election's validity moved the state party leadership to conduct an internal investigation. The investigation revealed that a few Pullen supporters voted more than once using other delegates' credentials. Overzealous partisans stuffed the ballot box in good ol' fashioned election chicanery....
The Wyoming State Shooting Association Political Action Committee, the state affiliate of the NRA, voted in May to endorse State Senator Cale Case in the August Republican primary. This was "perhaps unprecedented," considering that Case is challenging Rep. Barbara Cubin who sits on the national Board of Directors of the NRA and "generally has a good record on Second Amendment issues." According to Beverly Spungin, Vice President of the WSSA, this decision was not "made lightly or without a certain amount of trepidation." Nonetheless, according to Spungin, it was "the right decision."...
Good Writing and the Lowest Common Denominator
by Ian Welsh

I spent the day at the PJNET conference on Exploring the Fusion Power of Public and Participatory Journalism and I'll have quite a bit more on it later. Right now I want to pick out one interesting point - Warren Kinsella and Jay Rosen gave very different advice on how to run a blog. Warren, a man who comes from a political background, talked about keeping your message simple, repeating it and punching it up (not his exact words). He calls blogging punk rock journalism. Jay Rosen talked about his blog, PressThink and how he's got the audience he wants - about 5,000 people how want to read longer thoughful essays and think and talk about them.

They're both right - and it comes back to a simple question that all writers have to ask themselves - who is your audience?....
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