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Monday, August 09, 2004

From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php:
Public Release: 9-Aug-2004
Is David Beckham the New Princess Di?
University of Warwick research reveals that in the wake of Diana, Princess of Wales's premature death, David Beckham has stepped into a public role on a par with her place in the celebrity constellation, and that their appeal is similar. It is Beckham's ability to represent various roles and values that has enabled his celebrity status to weather the recent media storms of allegations about affairs and a lacklustre performance at the European championships.
Own a Part of American History
This has to be the most unique auction I've ever seen on eBay:

"Own a part of American history; own the napkin containing sweat from Ambassador Alan Keyes' forehead, immediately following Alan Keyes' historic announcement that he agreed to replace Jack Ryan as the Republican candidate for U. S. Senate in Illinois to take on Democrat Barak Obama."
Dumbest thing I've seen recently in soc.politics:

We got fired up after watching the "OutFoxed" documentary, and made a site for distributing cable filters for blocking Fox News Channel out.

We call it ____

You can use our online tool for customizing and sending a bushel of emails to the Fox News advertisers telling them you've completely blocked Fox out of your cable lineup, and their brand is screwed for promoting Pox News & their propaganda. What advertiser wouldn't pull their ad account after getting 100,000 letters of protest?
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