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Friday, August 20, 2004

http://conventionbloggers.com now shows bloggers accredited to the Republican National Convention; till today, it showed those accredited to the Democratic convention, and you had to go to http://rnc.conventionbloggers.com to see what Republican bloggers were saying. The Democrats are at http://dem.conventionbloggers.com.
Beyond this, there are unkind comments about Republicans and conservatives:

"All political parties die at last of swallowing their own lies."
John Arbuthnot (1667-1735).

Maybe. The Communist Party, USA is still alive. It no longer needs to parrot the Soviet Union's lies, which reduces the need to avoid telling truths. But its leaders are now saying, for example, that there's absolutely no way US Communists could have known about Stalin's crimes.

And the Republican Party is not only alive, but likely to retain some power.

George W. Bush has his good points. He made the right decision about Afghanistan; it's too bad things have been mishandled there since the Taliban's defeat. But truthfulness is not among them. Nor is it common in his Administration.

Remember when a couple of Democratic Senators made the shocking discovery that there was a secret DARPA project to set up a market in terrorism futures? An honest Administration would have pointed out that it wasn't particularly secret. That reports on it had been made to both Houses of Congress -- as was stated on the DARPA website. (Which would have made those Senators look stupid.)

What they did was to disclaim all responsibility. This had never been authorized; they were shocked to hear about it. (A report had also been made to the White House.)

They lied when it would have been smarter to tell the truth. I don't expect them to tell the truth when a lie might work better.

Nor, unfortunately, do I expect the Republican bloggers to care more about truth than about which side they're on.

Take their reactions to evidence that the Swift Boat people are somewhat less than fully truthful in their main charge. 1) Talk about charges which the newspapers haven't disproven yet, involving events much less likely to have left official records. 2) Complain about the media's liberal bias; for example, say that the media are treating the accusations against Kerry differently than they treated the accusations that Bush was AWOL
from the National Guard.

Recently, responding to a Usenet post by someone commenting on liberal hatred of Bush, I gave two reasons why I don't hate Bush: 1) I'm not a conservative. 2) I'm not a Republican.
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