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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Organizations in both political parties think New Hampshire is a prime place to elect openly gay men and women, and they are sending money and people into the state like never before.
MORE: Concord Monitor http://www.concordmonitor.com
From the UK edition of Google News:
RAF join city's Gay Pride parade
BBC News - 10 hours ago
The RAF was taking part in Manchester's Gay Pride parade on Saturday in the hope it would persuade more homosexuals to sign up.
RAF targets Manchester's gay pride festival in recruitment drive Guardian
RAF Officers Join Gay Pride Festival The Scotsman
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A Better Distorted View: The physics of diffusion offers a new way of generating maps
The mathematics used to describe diffusion can also be used to generate maps based on population data.
From http://althistory.blogspot.com
[August 28] in 1938, Northwestern University awards an honorary degree to Edgar Bergen’s dummy Charlie McCarthy. The jocular mood of the occasion is broken when the “dummy” comes to life and flees the stage, leaving a dead Edgar Bergen behind.

[August 22] in 1485, the War of the Roses ended at Bosworth Field as noble King Richard III defeated and killed the pretender to the throne, Henry Tudor. The Lancastrians still remaining alive after that day had the gall to spread rumors that Richard had murdered his two nephews in order to gain power; Richard responded by holding a victory banquet in London where his nephews were honored guests. After this, the Lancastrian branch of the Plantagenet family withered.
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