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Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday August 30, 2004. "Ken Porter noted the existence of 'Black to the Future,' an organization for Black SF and fantasy writers, and asked 'Do we really need a separate branch of fandom?' This led to some discussion, which was eventually postponed for a discussion program someday." LASFS (Los Angeles Science Fiction Society) minutes, July 8, 2004. De Profundis, September 2004, p. 4.

Wrong question -- a group for sf/fantasy writers is part of sf prodom rather than sf fandom. (I understand that when Science Fiction Writers of America was founded, some writers were very intent that this distinction be understood.)

For both prodom and fandom, I would say it's a matter for the marketplace. Christian Fandom and the Gaylaxians continue to exist in fandom because enough people in the target groups join and are active to keep them alive. Broad Universe exists in prodom for the same reason.

To HealthPartners Uptown for a fasting blood test. This time, I remembered to eat right afterwards.

On to Steeple People and the Wedge.

Email: Harper Collins Eos newsletter. This is one book I won't bother to read:

RADIANT James Alan Gardner
*Advance Review Title*
ISBN: 0060595264, $23.95 US/$36.95 Can., HC original

Explorer Third Class Youn Sue is sent to rescue the Cashlings from the highly-dangerous Balrog. But how do you defeat an alien intelligence so advanced that it literally knows what you will do before you do? When the expedition goes horribly wrong, Youn is saved by none other than the fabled Admiral Festina Ramos, only to discover this is just the Balrog's opening gambit...

"Cashlings" could be a good coinage; in a fantasy novel, it would do nicely for Libertarian elves. In an sf novel, it raises the suspicion that this author doesn't know what he's doing when he makes up names. "Balrog" comes from a well-known three-volume fantasy novel.

I'm mildly interested in knowing how a villain which sees the future so accurately is defeated. But only mildly; so far, this book doesn't sound as if it will include a good answer.
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