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Monday, August 02, 2004

Precinct Level Voting, Turnout and Demographic Data
by Chris Bowers

Fairplan 2000 http://fairplan2000.tripod.com/fairplan/InteractiveMaps.html is a remakrable website that offers uniquely detailed data on the 2000 election and on current demographics. It is a must view for anyone interested in local, targeted voter registration and get out the vote drives. Hell, the information is so amazing, that there is almost no limit to its potential poilitical use.

For example, here is my neighborhood, which you can tell did not turnout to vote in a particuarly higher percentage in 2000, even though it went well over 75% for Gore. That is the story of the Democratic Party around the country, I guess.

This is exactly the sort of tool that self-starting activists need.
via http://conventionbloggers.com
As more communities prepare to debate whether to follow Bloomington and Minneapolis in banning smoking in restaurants and bars, a hospitality industry group is warning that the losers could include the Minnesota Twins.

Officials of the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association said the group may withdraw its support for a hospitality tax that has been a key component of every new ballpark financing plan since 1999.

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