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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Saturday August 21, 2004. During the night, I found my mantra. "Shed the poison" would probably sound more impressive in Sanskrit. It works for me, which is what matters. That is, it triggers a certain useful response.

***Mail: Flyer from ARC; they'll be picking up donations for their thrift stores on September 2nd.

E-spam: "Raw Food Retreat In Jamaica!"

***An organization called Paying It Forward was having a rummage sale a few blocks away. As I went out the door, I saw a "Garage" sale in the yard next door.

I bought Modern Greek Folklore and Ancient Greek Religion, by John Cuthbert Lawson.
("Modern" means a bit over a century ago, in this case.) With other things I bought, I spent a dollar.

I passed another sale -- one where the house was for sale. Not on the same terms as smaller items; there was a box in which people could leave their bids. And it wasn't likely to be put in the free box if it didn't sell that day.

At the rummage sale, I found a very nice T-Phal frying pan. Nice enough that I decided to take it home, and get rid of another one to make room for it. I found a few other things I wanted, for a total of four items. Two, including the frying pan, didn't have price stickers.

The young woman taking money looked at the stuff, asked if $1 for all of it was okay. Fine with me; the frying pan had probably cost a good deal more than that when new.

Home again. The sale next door was now half-price. I spent another 50ยข.

***The Mnstf meeting was at Carol Kennedy and Jonathan Adams's, three blocks away.

I came away from the meeting feeling a lot better than when I'd arrived.

Conversation topics included: Legal language. The natural laws of the Star Trek universe. (During this one, I realized that the regular characters of the first incarnation were vampires.) Flying cars, the paperless office, and other wonders of the near future.
Writing: None.

Decluttering: A couple of things gotten rid of.

Mindwork: See above.

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